My Story

My Name Is Amy

In 2012, I was 30 pounds overweight. My annual blood tests confirmed that I was genetically headed towards Type II Diabetes and high cholesterol. My husband was 80 pounds overweight and was on 3 prescription medications for hypertension and high cholesterol. Each year that passed the pounds kept creeping on both of us.

I thought I was eating a relatively healthy diet. I exercised daily, used olive oil, took the skin off my chicken, ate egg whites, made turkey burgers, rarely ate fried food, and asked for my salad dressing on the side.

But still the pounds kept creeping on….

One day, I was watching TV with my husband. When we stumbled upon a PBS fundraiser with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I learned from this special that I was not eating a healthy diet. I was amazed by how much I truly didn’t know about nutrition. Moreover, how the processed foods, salt, oil, sugar and animal products that we ingest, greatly determines our health.

To make a change I bought and learned as much as I could from Dr. Fuhrman. It was difficult and not very tasty (at first).

My Goal

To take all of the years of learning from information I’ve gathered and experiences from which I’ve learned, and guide you down the trail of fitness, food and an overall healthy lifestyle that has completely revolutionized my world view and my families’ health!

If you would like to help support my blog, consider shopping on my Amazon Store for Whole Food, Plant Based kitchen gadgets, books, food, home delivered food and more!

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