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Stay Compliant on a Plant Based Diet While Traveling Janet Anspach-Rickey Lost Over 40 Pounds!

"When my weight reached 199 ¾ I stopped weighing myself. By then I had tried every diet I could find and at this point I couldn’t even lose the weight anymore. My body had become a fat storing machine. I finally realized diets don’t work. Since going Whole Food, Plant Bases, Sugar, Oil and Salt-free in July 2020, I lost 40+ pounds! My cholesterol is now in a normal range and my blood pressure averages around 108/70. My heart rate is back down around 44bpm like it used to be. I weigh 116 -118 pounds and I feel amazing! Now, I cycle tour while eating WFPE SOS free, wonderful food!

How to own this lifestyle, Need to know

Making Deals With Cheat Meals

"It's only a little bit" "It's my birthday" "It's a family gathering" "I'm traveling" The excuses are endless! I am whole food, plant based, sugar, oil and salt free 100% every day.  My goal: to avoid all forms of cancer, dementia and other undesirable health related outcomes. Just because symptoms of diseases are not felt,… Continue reading Making Deals With Cheat Meals