Ideas on How to Focus on Fun for the Holidays!

Whenever we have family gatherings, I try to think of something fun for us to do. Yes, we make lots of delicious, healthy, whole food, plant based food. I just want our gatherings to conjure up memories of fun fun, and cool activities with some laughter.

One year for Thanksgiving, we created a fruit turkey!

Watch our Fruit Turkey Fun!

During another gathering, we made Hula Hoops and danced around! Making your own hula hoop allows you to customize the size. The larger diameter of the hoop, the easier it is to hoop as it requires less effort. That’s why some of us (me included) struggled with hooping. We were given small hoops which meant more effort and movement to keep them flowing!

Watch and Learn How to Make a Hula Hoop!

Another time we folded up napkins for a fancy table setting. You can use cloth or paper napkins. We had the book handy so our guests could learn how to fold napkins as well. We gave the book as gifts to our guests and they were thrilled!

I used this book and it was awesome!

We love cooking together and make these decadent, chocolate, whole food, plant based, SOS Free treats!

Watch How to Easily Make Delicious, Chocolate Candy!

We like to work together to create fun gifts for people. This sprouting jar is inexpensive and fun!

Watch me Make a Seed Sprout Surprise!

We enjoy board games like Balderdash

It is one of our favorite games. We laugh so hard, our sides ache!

I hope you enjoy your gatherings. What activities do you enjoy with your family and friends.

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  1. If you have a family, keeping kids involved in everything from food preparation to decorating goes a long way. It makes them feel more motivated as work gets done.

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