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Making Deals With Cheat Meals

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“It’s only a little bit”

“It’s my birthday”

“It’s a family gathering”

“I’m traveling”

The excuses are endless!

I am whole food, plant based, sugar, oil and salt free

100% every day. 

My goal: to avoid all forms of cancer, dementia and other undesirable health related outcomes.

Just because symptoms of diseases are not felt, does not mean diseases are not in our bodies.

Every day you can find an excuse. Smoking just one cigarette once in a while will probably not get me to be a habitual smoker. Drinking alcohol once in a while may not turn me into an alcoholic (Learn about how much alcohol).

Eating non compliant food like chocolate, sweets, salt, cheese, and ice cream once in a while will not make me over weight. (See below for yummy compliant recipes)

I have committed myself to educating people about how to achieve optimal health, and feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this lifestyle!

My body had many years of exposure to the standard American diet, and I may never reverse all of the damage from the previous years when I thought I was eating healthy. An unwanted medical diagnosis would never be guilt free for me if I chose to cheat once in a while. Adopting this lifestyle does not guarantee that I will not get cancer, dementia, etc, but I choose not to play Russian Roulette with my body.

Cheat meals cheat you.

Having occasional cheat meals will never feel as good as healthy does!

“The body will not forget what the brain wants to neglect.”

So what to do?

See below for Be Green With Amy’s delicious recipes and answers to common questions! 

I have helped many people maintain this lifestyle. If you would like help learning ways to navigate this lifestyle, please contact me for a private Zoom cooking class or a coaching session. I have learned many strategies, tips and hacks while coaching people since 2012, and would love to help you be successful as well.

Be Green With Amy’s delicious chocolate, sweets, salt, cheese and ice cream recipes:

and for breakfast: I Drink This Smoothie For Breakfast. 

To read:  Fell Off The Wagon? Ouch….

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In your community:

It is helpful to be around like minded people. Consider joining a group in your area who hosts Whole Food, Plant Based, pot luck dinners. See: Meet Like Minded People: The Free, Pod Program.

Need someone to get you through this? Contact Amy!

Amy holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell

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Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!🌱 


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