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Resolve Multiple Sclerosis Tracy Fettinger

Lose weight and eat all you want till comfortably full!

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Black Lentil Tomato Stew The Chef Doc Colin Zhu

Lose weight and eat all you want till comfortably full!

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Anthony Lost 160 Pounds! Plant Based Telehealth Anthony Masiello

Through the transition to a whole food plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle, Anthony lost 160 lbs. and reversed high blood pressure, and suffering from psoriasis, eczema, migraine headaches, and sleep apnea!

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Food Addiction – Esther Loveridge Shares Her Tips! Click Here to Watch! Fast food, Sweets or junk food calling your name? Salty, crunchy snacks derailing your success? Learn why and strategies to overcome food addiction with Esther Loveridge, who at age 72 lost 155 pounds!

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How to Go Plant Based. Kickstart Your Plant Based Lifestyle!

"People lost weight, their cholesterol dropped by roughly 20% (some much more), and many discontinued medications. All in just 10 days."

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Fibromyalgia – The Power of Diet and Lifestyle! Dr. Kim Scheuer, M.D. Watch Here! Learn how a plant based lifestyle can help alleviate Fibromyalgia symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a chronic (long-lasting) disorder that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as fatigue and trouble sleeping. Scientists do not fully understand what causes it, but people with the disorder have a heightened sensitivity to pain.

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How to Get Good Gut Health Christina Miller, M.D. Watch Interview Here! If we want to lower chronic inflammation and get healthier, the microbiome is a good place to start. Learn how to lower inflammation and improve gut health naturally. Dr. Christina Miller, MD is double board-certified in emergency and integrative medicine. Dr. Miller focuses exclusively on nutrition and lifestyle changes to get… Continue reading How to Get Good Gut Health Christina Miller, M.D.

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Dr. Esselstyn’s Greens List

"Now, What are the green leafy vegetables that I'm talking about?" Follow along and see if you can say it at the same speed and accuracy as Dr. Esselstyn! Watch Here “I want patients to eat leafy greens six times a day – and NO OIL.” Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. Bok Choy, Swiss… Continue reading Dr. Esselstyn’s Greens List