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Fell off the wagon? Binge Eating? Cravings? Watch This Video For Excellent Tips and Motivation! In 2012, when I began my healthy eating commitment, I had cravings and difficult battles with temptation. It gets better! Eventually these foods look too salty, sweet, greasy to your highly developed, healthy eating pallet. Meanwhile, what to do? Purge your kitchen. “If it is in your house, it is in… Continue reading Fell off the wagon? Binge Eating? Cravings?

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Oil Free Potato Chips

For starters, oil can make homemade chips soggy instead of crispy. Secondly, cooking with oil often causes the edges of potato slices to burn; when you cook without oil, you will get a much more uniform chip. So here’s how to create a mean chip depending on what kind of potato you are using: Russets,… Continue reading Oil Free Potato Chips