Chocolate Candy – Wow!

If you miss chocolate candy, look no further. Be careful, it is soooo good, you might eat them all! Check out the recipe on BeGreenWithAmyYouTube! Watch How Easy it is to Make Delicious Chocolate Candy! You can get molds for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more! Silicone ice cube trays Valentine's Day Heart… Continue reading Chocolate Candy – Wow!

Be Green With Amy, How to own this lifestyle, Need to know

Find a Restaurant – Eat Vegan, No Oil Food Another Plant Based Restaurant Resource! As a Meetup/Pod Leader, I invite you to participate in the Plant Pure Communities’ Restaurant Campaign! I have also provided a searchable link to the list of restaurants which have been identified. The goal of the Campaign is for every restaurant across the nation and across the globe, to… Continue reading Find a Restaurant – Eat Vegan, No Oil Food