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Find a Restaurant – Eat Vegan, No Oil Food

Another Plant Based Restaurant Resource!

Beauty of Sprouts Restaurant Campaign

As a Meetup/Pod Leader, I invite you to participate in the Plant Pure Communities’ Restaurant Campaign! I have also provided a searchable link to the list of restaurants which have been identified.

The goal of the Campaign is for every restaurant across the nation and across the globe, to offer on their menu at least one plant-based meal with no oil. Besides adding a new healthy meal to their menu, and likely growing their customer base, restaurants who achieve the meal standard requirements are eligible to receive a Certificate of Participation that they may display on the premises.
Find a Pod in your area: Meet Others: The Free, Pod Program.

This page is a place for you to connect with others who are making healthy changes happen in restaurants around the country.

Here is the searchable link to restaurants which have been awarded the PlantPure Communities Restaurant Certificate. Be sure to click on the drop down (located above the map) for “Filter Pods and/or Restaurants. Choose “Restaurants”.

Also, remember that there are apps like Happy Cow which can be very helpful in identifying WFPB friendly restaurants.

Do you know of a restaurant which offers at least one vegan option and is willing to prepare it without oil, upon request? If so, let me know the name of the restaurant and what vegan, no oil dish they have prepared for you. I will help you present them with a Plant Pure Communities Certificate.

One way to help your favorite restaurant get on the list is to ask the owner to display this sign. Print it out and send me a picture showing the displayed sign with the name of the restaurant in the photo:

Plant Pure Communities Vegan Oil Free Sign

Here is an example of a submission:

Infuzions Vegan options sign

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Hi I’m Amy. My husband Rick & I adopted a Whole Plant lifestyle in 2012. We have had fantastic health results. Together, we’ve lost over 130 pounds! We offer private, lifestyle coaching and Zoom cooking lessons. We love to share our knowledge of this lifestyle and hope to spread the word and help others to Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!🌱

7 thoughts on “Find a Restaurant – Eat Vegan, No Oil Food”

  1. Hello Amy & Rick!

    It was so very nice to meet the two of you on the Holistic Holiday At Sea adventure!

    I really like the goal of encouraging every restaurant across the nation and across the globe to offer at least one plant-based meal with no oil! If this restaurant is not already added, here in Columbus, Ohio one will find Portia’s Cafe that offers this possibility for many of their menu items.

    Take care,

    Tom, Nicholas, & Trang (TNT) 614-370-1437

    Please let your server know if you have a food allergy. Every attempt will be made to limit cross contamination but equipment is shared with nuts, cashews, and soy. We strive to cater as much as possible to those with food sensitivities. From feedback, we compiled the most popular requests and made dedicated menus for them! At the moment we have menus for: Onion-free, Garlic-free, Onion-and-garlic-free, Nightshade free, 100% organic, and Oil-free/Fat-free


    1. Hi Tom. So nice to hear from you. I would love to help Portia’s Cafe earn the Plant Pure Communities certificate. The menu looks delightful! I will work on this today! Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!

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