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Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, 2L Capacity Check out Amy as she reviews The Vitamix Food Cycler It is important to me to keep waste out of the landfills. I make vegetable broth with my vegetable scraps and have been composting the remaining scraps on my kitchen counter in this Compost Bin.  There have been times when I did not empty… Continue reading Vitamix 068051 FoodCycler FC-50, 2L Capacity

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Tip Of The Day! Pack a Sliced Apple -No Brown, No Lemon!

Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!šŸŒ± As I discussed in my blog aboutĀ Apples ā€“ Keep Them Fresher, LongerĀ , citrus juice can be squirted on a sliced apple to keep it from oxidizing and turning brown. One of our readers said that her daughter did not care for the taste of citrus on her sliced… Continue reading Tip Of The Day! Pack a Sliced Apple -No Brown, No Lemon!

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Weight Loss Tips

I have an awesome, short, weight loss playlist with Dr. Michael Greger of Watch Short Videos With Weight Loss Tips There are some eating strategies as well as tips about adding small amounts certain spices to our diet. One video talks about adding a small amount of black cumin seeds to our diet.… Continue reading Weight Loss Tips

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Watch My Recipe Demo on Chef AJ’s Show!

Tune in for Be Green With Amy and Chef AJ I am so excited to share with you that plant based, SOS Free, Chef AJ had me on her show! Please watch the show here: I did a few recipe demos and shared some tips and hacks for healthy, plant based living. Please say… Continue reading Watch My Recipe Demo on Chef AJ’s Show!

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Mushrooms – Cooked or Raw ?

My short blog for the day: Mushrooms are important to eat daily. Please remember to cook them before eating. Raw mushrooms contain potentially carcinogenic agaratine.Ā  Cooking greatly reduces this compound. Please click FOLLOW so that I can send you more helpful hints, inspiration and recipes. Check out my BeGreenWithAmy YouTube Channel for lots of whole… Continue reading Mushrooms – Cooked or Raw ?