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Weight Loss Tips

I have an awesome, short, weight loss playlist with Dr. Michael Greger of

Watch Short Videos With Weight Loss Tips

There are some eating strategies as well as tips about adding small amounts certain spices to our diet.

One video talks about adding a small amount of black cumin seeds to our diet. It can also help lower cholesterol!

“Even the exact same foods eaten differently can have different effects. So, it’s not only what we eat but also how and when.” Dr. Greger How Not To Diet Learn about Dr. Greger’s weight loss tip of timing your calories and more! “In medical school, we were taught that a calorie from one source is just as fattening as a calorie from any other source,” Dr. Greger recalls. “Biochemically, a calorie is a calorie, but in real life, far from it.”

Dr. Greger explains this and more awesome weight loss tips, trick and hacks which is also available in his book How Not To Diet.

(Dr. Greger says all proceeds of his books go to charity)

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