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The “E” word just hangs in the air…

If you haven’t gotten to the lucky place where you are addicted to it, exercise can be something you dread.


Whether physical  or mental, limitations can feed the excuse monster.

If you are physically unable to stand, you can do something in a chair. Use small hand weights, soup cans or water bottles to do curls, etc. Can you do 5 curls today?

If you can’t use your arms, do leg lifts while seated. Can you do 5 leg lifts today?

If you can’t walk long distances, buy a cheap pedometer and add one step each day.

What is one simple move you can do one of today that perhaps you can do two of tomorrow and three the next day?

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Is Exercise Necessary?

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    1. I’m glad that is working for you. I find that I can’t skip a day of exercise. No matter how I feel, I always do something, even if it is something short in duration, just so that I don’t fall out of my routine.

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