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How To Keep Fresh: Avocados

Ripen on the counter (or in a paper bag* if you want to speed up the process).

Be sure to check avocados often, as they can go from unripe, to perfectly ripe, to soft and moldy before you know it.

As soon as they yield to gentle pressure, you can move them into the refrigerator, where they should last for a few more days.

Depending on how you plan to use them, if you mash them with some lemon or lime juice, the mixture can be frozen for later when making guacamole or dip.

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  1. I always have a few avocadoes on the window seal or in the frig. I’m amazed that you’ve successfully frozen avocadoes. The next time I have avocadoes that are about to go bad, I’ll mash them with some lime juice (as you suggest) and give it a try!

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