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Meet Margaret – Over 100 Pound Weight Loss Since 2010 From Walking Cane to Hiking Stick

Margaret Germain Tells Her Inspirational Story of Weight Loss and Healing

From Fat and Frumpy To Young and Sexy 

How I Lost 100 Pounds and Kept It Off For Ten Years

Before 2010 After Losing Over 100 Pounds!
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Margaret Germain is a Health & Fitness Advocate of a Plant Based lifestyle, Former radio show host of Building Peace, a Professional Musician and a Therapeutic Harpist.

Meet Margaret Germain. She lost over 100 pounds and kept it off! Destined to be in a wheelchair, and with various medical ailments, Margaret adopted a Whole Food, Plant Based lifestyle, lost over 100 pounds and traded in her walking cane for a hiking stick! Hear Margaret’s story and tips of how to own this lifestyle!

Margaret used these walking videos when she slowly began to incorporate movement into her lifestyle.

Margaret likes these books:

How Not to Diet Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger

Younger Next Year

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Climbing to the Top By Margaret E Germain 10/18/16

There was a time when I had given up I’d followed their advice and done as I was told.

They said my knees were decrepit and shot – I’d be in a wheelchair when I was 30 years old.

No exercise for me – no I wasn’t allowed

Others could run and play and have fun

My brothers had bikes to ride as they pleased

Oh, how I wished I could have one!

Well, it finally happened – the pain was too much I couldn’t walk now, I needed a cane.

Damn it to hell! I screamed in my mind I’m too young for this I tried to explain.

They talked about options and cutting my legs. No thank you I said, that’s not for me!

They showed me the X Rays – no cartilage was found It didn’t matter, they weren’t going to cut MY knee!

My doctor shook his head in exasperation with me and said my knees must not bend I got angry, and threw down my cane.

This isn’t over, I said, I’ll find a way – this isn’t the end!

I had tried it their way, now I’d try mine My body has the power to heal.

Drugs and surgery couldn’t help me at all I’d find a way, the possibility was real.

Chris Crowley wrote a book called Younger Next Year Hell, yeah! I thought as I paid.

He’s an old guy who’s still going strong His advice was to walk an hour each day.

An hour each day? I could barely walk at all! My knees were so swollen and sore.

Rebuild my cartilage became my main goal With a liquid I’d found at the store.

Slowly, carefully, a little at a time- I exercised, did yoga, and strengthened my legs.

Dr Fuhrman said to eat Nutritarian – So for my knees now I eat only veg.

Well, it took some time, around about a year, To gain back my full mobility-

I was walking an hour a day without a cane- I was ecstatic of my new ability.

I had never been an athlete, I wasn’t allowed But now I feel challenged to reach for new goals. I ride my bike twelve miles on a trail every day And once, twenty five I even rode!

Chris Crowley said to walk an hour every day But now that seems too easy a task!

Hiking, biking on trails and through woods I’ve found a new passion, a new joy, at last!

This summer to the mountains of North Carolina I travelled and camped and dreamed

I hiked for three hours to the top of a mountain Over rocks, roots, and splashing through streams.

My son kept saying ” You couldn’t do this before!”

But here I was doing it now To the top I went and stood looking out- At the long rocky climb and said “Wow!” Climbing to the top of that mountain Was more than the accomplishment of a dream.

I overcame a limitation I’d had my whole life. Limitations aren’t always what they seem!

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