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Goodbye Lupus! LIVE Q + A With Dr. Brooke Goldner M.D.!

Dr. Brooke Goldner Answers Your Questions About: Lupus, Autoimmune Disease, COVID, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Nutrition, Autoimmune Diseases, Exercise, Weight Loss and more!

Dr. Brooke Goldner is a board certified medical doctor who healed herself of Lupus by adopting a plant based lifestyle.

She is the founder of and creator of the Hyper-nourishing Protocol for Autoimmune Reversal.

Dr. Goldner is the author of 3 best-selling books.

Goodbye Lupus: How a Medical Doctor Healed Herself Naturally With Supermarket Foods

Goodbye Autoimmune Disease: How to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Illness and Inflammatory Symptoms Using Supermarket Foods 

Green Smoothie Recipes to Kick-Start Your Health and Healing: Based On the Best-Selling Book Goodbye Lupus

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