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No Oil Mushrooms

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No Oil Mushrooms


1 Bag Frozen Peppers & Onions Mix

3 Pounds Sliced Mushrooms

3 TBSP Bensons Table Tasty

1 TBSP Chili 9000 or your favorite chili powder.

3 TBS Rick’s Special Sauce


Place Peppers & Onions in 5 qt frying pan on high heat.

Option: You can cook the mushrooms down until caramelized.

Mix in remaining ingredients.

Cook for 3 minutes, stir occasionally.

Turn off heat.

Allow to cool in frying pan.

Refrigerate or measure out portions into Silicone Freezer Cubes and freeze.

I love to slice mushrooms (and fresh strawberries) with this mushroom slicer! It has serrated blades for easy slicing!

I like this frying pan for cooking mushrooms and more!

Liquid from this recipe can be frozen in silicone ice cube trays. Pop out cubes and freeze in silicone bag to use in future recipes. These trays are awesome for freezing freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice too!

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