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The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

Watch Dr. Ron Weiss, MD Teach Us How to Wash Our Hands Properly
How to Wash Hands
Germs hide in many places.

After watching this videos, I learned that germs are hiding in many areas of your hands. It is not just about singing a song or counting 20 seconds. There are critical areas to clean that I was missing. 

It is my hope that you will share this with everyone you know. The more people who properly wash their hands, the less chance we have of exposure to unwanted viruses, diseases, bacteria, etc.

So get to a sink, grab some soap and see if you find some areas of your hands which need attention.

Hand Washing – Are you missing any areas?

Dr. Ron Weiss Shows You How to Properly Wash Your Hands.

Here are written instructions:

I encourage you to watch both videos as they are short and very informative.

  1. Get your hands wet.
  2. Apply soap.
  3. Lather soap between palms by rubbing palms together.
  4. Alternate rubbing the palm of one hand over and on the back of the other hand. (be sure to separate your fingers so that the fingers of the top hand get between the fingers of the bottom hand).
  5. To clean the surfaces of the backs of the fingers, interlock hands placing bent fingers in fist of opposite hands.
  6. Alternate between hands with each hand taking turns being the top hand. Remember to clean thumbs.
  7. Grab thumb of one hand in fist of opposite hand. Rotate fist around the thumb and then repeat for opposite hand.
  8. Remember the fingertips. Germs hide in around the nail plate.
  9. Use circular motion with fingertips on opposite palm of each hand. Pull back finger tip from nail of each individual finger with thumb / other finger of that hand. Remember the wrists.
  10. Grab wrist with opposite hand. Rotate wrist while holding in opposite hand. Rinse with CLEAN water.
  11. Any water temperature which feels comfortable for you is acceptable. You may wish to use a towel to operate the faucet or door handles (especially in public areas)

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