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Hot Dogs (Shh.. most people/kids don’t know it’s vegan)

Check Out The Recipe Demo for Hot Dogs!

Carrot Dog


You won’t miss hot dogs at the next Barbecue. You can even bring these in a container to throw on your friends grill!

Thanks to our Green Star members Beverly & John for this awesome, “Tastes like a hot dog!” recipe as demonstrated here on BeGreenWithAmy YouTube.


Toss carrots in sauce then transfer all to the Instant Pot. For smaller carrots, turn the Instant Pot on manual for 4 minutes, then quick release. For larger/thicker carrots, cook on manual for 6 minutes and then quick release.

You can sear them on a grill pan or grill (optional).

You can shave down and round off the ends to make them look more like hotdogs.

Beverly likes to save her left over marinade in the refrigerator.

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