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Keep Produce From Spoiling

Vegetable Characters

Once you have unpacked your produce and it is dry and separated, follow this guide below:


GREENS:   Lettuce and Greens should be wrapped in paper towels and place in one of the eco green bags or a zip lock bag.  Remove as much air as possible and place the wrapped greens in your vegetable drawer.

If your greens wilt, submerge them in ice water for 30-45 minutes and they will be back to crispy!

BROCCOLI:  Wrap loosely with a damp paper towel and store in the Veggie drawer.  You may have to dampen the paper towel if you don’t consume within a few days.

CARROTS:  If they have greens attached, immediately remove green tops and save them if you plan to use for later.  Store the carrots in a covered container (glass is preferred) filled with water.

CAULIFLOWER:  Place it in a plastic bag and store in the Vegetable drawer.

CORN:  Technically corn should be eaten within a day or two of receiving it.  If you are going to store it, make sure you store it in a plastic bag that is sealed.

CUCUMBERS:  Cucumbers are sensitive to temperatures below 50 degrees F so technically they should be stored on the counter FAR AWAY from any bananas, tomatoes or melons.   If you do store them in the refrigerator store them towards the front of the shelf and off the bottom shelf  in the warmest area of your refrigerator.

EGGPLANT:  Do not refrigerate.  Keep it in a cool spot away from direct sunlight and use it as soon as possible after buying.  Do not seal it in a plastic bag.

MUSHROOMS:  Keep them unopened in their original packaging.  If you buy in bulk, keep them in a brown paper bag in the Veggie drawer.

ONIONS:  Store them at room temperature FAR away from potatoes and any fruit.

POTATOES:  Potatoes do best in a dark environment at about 45-50 degree F.  Unfortunately in Florida … that climate simply doesn’t exist for most of us.  Room temperature in the summer is typically around 75 degrees.  If you are using them up quickly store them in a dry dark place that is cool but AWAY from any onions or fruit.  You can store them in the refrigerator on one of the warmer spots but make sure they are dry.  If they are wet when you receive them, let them dry out for a day before storing them

WINTER SQUASH like Butternut and Acorn:  Store in cool dry place… again …. Not an easy place to find in Florida so the warmest part of your refrigerator is the best bet.  Low humidity.  Make sure you always have a stem on the squash if you are planning to store for long periods.  Stemless squash should be eaten immediately.

As I mentioned in my other article, Easy Tips to Help keep Your Produce From Spoiling – Unpacking,  Green Produce Bags, are helpful in preserving produce freshness.

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