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How to Keep Fresh: Spoiling & Unpacking

Here are some easy tips to follow to help keep your produce from spoiling before you can enjoy!

The first thing you MUST do when you bring home produce is to remove everything and dry everything off thoroughly. Moisture is the enemy.

Don’t store fruit and veggies together! Keep Vegetables in the Vegetable drawer and Fruit in the Fruit drawer.

Remove any ties or rubber bands and trim the Greens if you see any visible rotting.

If you see any visible mold REMOVE it to stop it from growing and spreading.

Another tip is to use these Green Produce Bags . I used based on the recommendation of my CSA produce provider. They really work!

If your produce is organic, it doesn’t always look perfect but can be tastier than non-organic.

Check out my post about storing vegetables.

Do you have any tricks you would like to share for keeping produce fresher, longer?

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