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Rick’s Ricotta – Plant Based

Creamy and Delicious!

This can be used in Rick’s Lasagna or Rick’s Baked Ziti.

Tofu/Ricotta Cheeze Blend:

Place into Food Processor and process with S-Blade:

2 packages of firm tofu, cubed. (can use silken tofu)

Set aside.


Blend in high powered blender:

½ cup Unsalted, Macadamia Nuts*

½ cup Raw, Unsalted Walnuts*

¼ cup Raw, Unsalted Brazil Nuts*

½ cup Hemp seeds

4 TBS Table Tasty or your favorite salt substitute

1 TBS Chili 9000 or your favorite chili powder

½ TSP Onion Powder (unsalted)

½ TSP Garlic Powder (unsalted)

Juice of 1 Lemon Lemon Juicer

1 TBS Italian Herbs

½ Cup unfortified Nutritional yeast

2 Cups Water

1 TBS Unsalted Brown Mustard

3 TBS Date Syrup

¼ cup Rick’s Walnut Hemp Dressing 


Pour contents of blender into food processor and combine with processed tofu for about 2 minutes or till consistency is that of Ricotta Cheese.

Remove Tofu/Ricotta Cheeze Blend and place into glass storage container

for storage in refrigerator.


For nuts you may substitute 1 1/4 cup of raw, unsalted cashews in place of the Macadamia, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.

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