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Discount Code – PlantPure WFPB Frozen Meals

AsianTofu_Packaging_9d630faf-a430-4ffe-ad85-8ec02330205e_580x@2xOffer includes free* shipping.

If you are too busy to prepare meals, want something to keep in the freezer for those times you’re too busy to cook, or know someone who may need access to healthier, frozen meals, check this out.

Ready in six minutes, PlantPure’s healthy entrees will save you hours and hours of shopping and cooking time!  Explore a tasty variety of international dishes as well as ethnic cuisines.  At the price of fast food, and with seven different flavors from around the world, you won’t tire of eating the same ole’ thing.

These vegan, plant-based entrees are flash-frozen to seal in their natural flavors.  They have NO ADDED OILS and are LOW in sugar and some are lower in salt!  Best of all, they also come in hearty 16-ounce portions.

Each Entrée package measures 6.75″ x 8.75″ x 1.75″

The 20 Pack contains the following entrees:

  • 3 ea. Plantpure African Stew entrees
  • 3 ea. Plantpure Asian Stewed Tofu entrees
  • 3 ea. Plantpure Peanutty Buddah Bowl entrees
  • 3 ea. Plantpure Japanese Vegetable Curry entrees
  • 3 ea. Plantpure Smoky Creole Beans and Rice entrees
  • 3 ea. Plantpure Sweet Bourbon Vegetable entrees
  • 2 ea. Plantpure Thai Drunken Veggie entrees

*FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED – ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE LOWER 48 US STATES.  Due to large volume on this special offer, some orders may take up to two weeks for delivery.  Order tracking info provided when shipped.

Go to the link: PlantPure Nation Meals

Use code: SAVE20 at checkout to save 20% off this 20-pack

This promotion is for a limited time.

I have most definitely seen benefits to my health since adopting a Whole Food, Plant Based, with no added sugar, oil or salt diet in 2012. Don’t Be Green With Envy…

These frozen meals are in no way meant to be a substitute for a compliant, home cooked meal. Compared to the Standard American Diet, these meals may help those who are interested in transitioning to this lifestyle. As with any prepared food, individuals should read the nutrition facts label and determine if the ingredients, including sodium content, is acceptable for their health conditions, doctor recommendations and lifestyle.

I had the privilege of speaking with Jason Boyer, Director of Culinary Innovation at PlantPure. It was exciting to speak with the developer of the recipes! I had the opportunity to discuss delicious ways to substitute salt. He did not know about one of the ingredients which Rick and I use Conquer Cravings: Salty Things and said he would like to try it at home!

Jason recommended the following for those who are looking for lower sodium entrees:

The following items are 260 mg sodium per serving or less:

These are 300 mg of sodium or less per serving:

Jason said that this discount code only applies to their pre-packaged box of pre-selected entrees.

He said that if you would like to Order Ala Carte at PlantPure,  you can save 27% off if you become a PlantPure member ($10/monthly membership), and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Contributions to the PlantPure program supports their Healing America Campaign to promote the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle in local communities across the country.



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  1. Thank you for your important input Ron. I interviewed the Director of Culinary Innovation at PlantPure. I have revised my blog to include what I learned from the interview as well as comments on your concerns.

  2. Hi Amy These entrees look good but only 3 of them meet Dr Dulaney’s criteria for sodium levels which is the sodium amount should be less than the calorie count. Several are double the amount. I know they are better than the standard American diet but am concerned about them be marketed and promoted to anyone with blood pressure issues.


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