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Welcome To Healthy Fast Food

Following this lifestyle can be frustrating for those who do not enjoy cooking.

If only we could go to a drive through and buy compliant food that was delicious.

Well, until that day comes, what can one do to get good food quickly?

Here is my favorite recipe that I share with Newbies and those that don’t care to cook, have much time or a real kitchen.

Cook a sweet potato in the microwave quickly in this Potato Microwaving Bag or batch cook a dozen in the oven.

Make this easy to make, delicious recipe and serve over your potato.

Fast Food Meal

In Large Mixing Bowl combine:

2 Cans unsalted black beans (drained)

1 small package of Wholly Guacomole

1 jar Newman’s Own Salsa (mild)

1 cup of low salt pico de gallo (usually found in produce section)

If you are really ambitious, you can use a potato masher to get a creamier consistency.

Serve cold or warm over a baked potato.

You can even add a cooked bag of frozen veggies.


What is your favorite, quick and easy recipe?

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Be Strong, Be Well, and Be Green!

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