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Hiding In Your Food: Sugar & Sweeteners

Are you reading the ingredient labels?

Guess what ingredients are high in sugar and/or count as added sugar?

  •  “Natural” sweeteners – Agave, Maple syrup
  •  Fruit Juice***
  •  Fruit Juice concentrates
  •  Sugar alcohols (xylitol, erythritol, mannitol, sorbitol)
  •  Barley Malt
  •  Beet Sugar
  •  Brown Sugar
  •  Cane-Juice Crystals
  •  Carob Syrup
  •  Coconut Water*** (50% sugar)
  •  Corn Syrup
  •  Corn Syrup Solids
  •  Dextran
  •  Dextrose
  •  Diatase
  •  Diastatic Malt
  •  Ethyl Maltol
  •  Evaporate Cane Juice
  •  Fructose
  •  Glucose
  •  Glucose Solids
  •  Golden Sugar
  •  Golden Syrup
  •  Grape Sugar
  •  Honey
  •  Invert Sugar
  •  Lactose
  •  Malt Syrup
  •  Maltodextrin
  •  Maltose
  •  Molasses
  •  Raw Sugar
  •  Refiner’s Syrup
  •  Sorghum Syrup
  •  Sucrose
  •  Sugar
  •  Turbinado Sugar
  •  Yellow Sugar
  •  Date sugar
  •  Coconut sugar
  •  Date paste, even if home made
  •  Date Syrup

Also, here are some food items which can be high in sugar:
– Condiments (i.e. salsas, hot sauces, ketchup, etc.)

You can make your own sugar free ketchup!

– Flavor Infused Balsamic Vinegars

I do avoid sugar.

I do use dates and other dried fruits when recipes call for sweeteners.

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Are you avoiding sugar? What sweeteners do you use in your recipes?

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  1. Great list! Like you, I do use date paste. I make it from Medjool dates, found in the produce department. I also use dried fruit (sometimes soaked and pureed). But I’m careful to avoid dried fruit with added sweeteners and oil. Most (but not all) of the dried fruit at Trader Joe’s is free from added sweeteners, oils and chemicals preservatives.

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