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Conquer Cravings: Coffee

If you are trying to eliminate coffee, I suggest you taper off slowly as many people get awful headaches if they quit coffee too quickly.

Caffeine consumption can mask true hunger and leave you out of touch with your body’s needs.

Most of us use coffee for a sweet high, caffeine high or to help us to get more energy.

Try to taper off coffee by diluting caffeinated coffee with decaffeinated. Drink 75% caffeinated with 25% decaffeinated and go down in caffeine from there. Also consider decreasing the number of cups you drink per day.

If you adhere to a whole food, plant based diet with minimally processed foods, preferably sugar, oil and salt free, your need for an energy drink should eventually be eliminated.

There are some delicious teas which are health promoting and do not contain caffeine.

I enjoy green tea and it can be fun to try other caffeine free teas.

Hibiscus Tea can help lower blood pressure and also help with erectile dysfunction. You can buy Hibiscus Tea Bags  for one cup serving or make it by the gallon.

I always have a one gallon container of Hibiscus Tea in my refrigerator as my family drinks one cup daily.

I simply fill my  tea leaf diffuser with Hibiscus Tea Leaves.

I put one gallon of water in a pitcher with 2 cinnamon sticks and the tea (in the diffuser). You can sweeten the tea with date sugar and taper off the sweetener over time. I don’t boil the tea water and after a few hours in the refrigerator, I have delicious tea!

I keep my tea stored in the container with the cinnamon sticks and tea diffuser, in the refrigerator.

Is caffeine an issue in your life? If so, how to you combat the Caffeine Beasty?

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