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Conquer Cravings: Ice Cream

I saw this quote recently; “You are not lactose intolerant, you are just not a baby cow.”

Cows milk is designed to grow a 70 pound calf into a 700 cow in 12 months (yes, even grass fed cows milk).

Although there are versions of cows milk that say there are no growth hormones, that does not mean you are not drinking hormones. Many dairy cows are kept pregnant throughout their lives in order to continuously produce milk.

Cheese and ice cream are more concentrated versions of this hormonal, growth formula.

With all of this knowledge, for some of us, our primitive brain still struggles with cravings for this sugary, frozen, hormonal growth fluid.

I eat a vegan version of ice cream almost every night!

Check out our recipe page for great recipes for chocolate, vegan ice cream (soft serve and frozen pops) and frozen, fruity treats as well.

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How to deal with coffee.

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3 thoughts on “Conquer Cravings: Ice Cream”

  1. Your Naked Pumpkin Ice Cream looks amazing! My family and I love vegan homemade “ice creams” too. There are some recipes on my site, but it’s really pretty easy. Equal parts fresh and frozen fruit (sweet fruits such as grapes, mangoes, bananas and cherries are great choices). Add spices or flavorings and puree in a high-powered blender.


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