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If you are constipated after adopting this lifestyle, you may find this article helpful. 

Here are some suggestions:

Avoid over the counter remedies as they can be deleterious to your health.

Eat raw red cabbage. Chew, chew, chew all food to a cream. 

Add (unground) chia seeds to your smoothie or make into a Chia Drink. Chia seeds are a natural laxative. Chia seeds hold water in the digestive tract and make the stool softer.

Before you get out of bed, gently massage mid section of front of body over intestines starting from top right side of rib cage closing inwards in a spiral circle. 

Use this and look behind you, as you do in spinal twist, left and right. 

Eat 2 kiwis a day (with skin) and chew thoroughly.  If you do not like the texture of the skin, you can cut off the tough ends and blend kiwi in a high speed blender to drink.

Another option is eating dried kiwi like this one.

Add flax seed (unground) to your meals. Begin with 1 teaspoon of each per day and add an additional teaspoon each day as needed.

Eating oatmeal can also be effective.

One reason for constipation may be the exclusion of coffee. While some may use coffee to aid in going, this should not be an excuse to drink coffee. What About Coffee and Wine?

Conquer Cravings: Coffee

Of course, if you have prolonged symptoms, seek the advice of your physician.

Are you having challenges with this lifestyle?

If so, what are / were they and how do / did you deal with them?

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Amy holds a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell

Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green! 

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