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It’s Fool Not Food

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Many of my clients have told me that a barrier they encounter is buying food for others in their home. They tell me “It’s my husband’s favorite cereal.” or “My daughter loves these cookies.”

These are not foods, they are fools. They fool your brain into believing that you are not really buying them for yourself, but for someone else. They fool you because you are only going to eat a small amount or “just this once because I am (fill in the blank), mad, sad, celebrating, rewarding myself, etc.).  

Owning this lifestyle is not easy when we are bombarded with advertisements, displays at stores, movies with product placement, etc. The worst thing we can do is allow these insipid things into our fortress or for that matter our lives. The voice in your head that tries to convince you to put any of those fools in your shopping cart (virtual or real), must be dealt with. The shopping cart is the drawbridge over your moat which protects your castle. Only foods not fools are allowed there.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. Everyone has a different strategy that works for them.  

I hope that by reading this, it will help you to find something out about yourself or someone else in your life. It is my hope that you surround your life with food not fool.

Are you having challenges with this lifestyle?

If so, what are / were they and how do / did you deal with them?

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