Diabetes – Know the Cause and You Can Reverse it and Prevent it! Peter Rogers, M.D.

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What causes diabetes? What can we do to reverse it? What can we do to prevent it? Yes, it’s about nutrition, but so much more. Learn what is not in any Harvard medical textbook, and what most doctors don’t know about diabetes !

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Diabetes is caused or exacerbated by consumption of carbohydrates.

After a meal, 80% of the glucose should go to the skeleton muscles and stored as glycogen.

When the glucose can’t get into the skeletal muscle, it stays in the blood and gets absorbed by the cells that line your arteries (endothelial cells).

Inflammation is often reversible.

The ongoing accumulation of fat in the pancreas will eventually cause the pancreas to poop out and stop making insulin.

Most people who are overweight have problems with their insulin sensitivity.

A high fat meal will cause glucose levels to increase.

Caffeine will cause glucose levels to increase.

Lack of sleep will cause glucose levels to increase.

A high glycemic, carbohydrate meal will cause glucose levels to increase.

People who eat a lot of animal products get diabetes.

People who drink a lot of liquid fructose get diabetes.

Drinking large amounts of fruit juice is almost like drinking large amounts of fat.

People who eat lots of rice and potatoes get diabetes.

Diabetics are at risk for toe and foot amputations because the small blood vessels arteries in their foot gets clogged up.

Diabetics get retinopathy because the small blood vessels arteries in their eyes gets clogged up.

Diabetics are at risk for kidney disease because the small blood vessels in the kidney’s filtering system gets clogged up.

Diabetes is a predisposition to heart attacks, stroke and Alzheimer’s.

Prescription medications help to manage type 2 diabetes.

It is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes.

If you eat high fat foods (meats, oils, processed foods) before eating carbohydrates, it will cause insulin resistance causing blood glucose levels to remain higher for a longer period of time.

Most doctors, including endocrinologists, say that rice and potatoes are bad for people with diabetes.

The brain has glucose receptors that can’t function effectively when glucose is blocked.

Diabetics should be fat counting not carb counting.

If you have a lot of insulin resistance, you can be damaging your body even if your blood glucose levels aren’t that high.

Meat related fat causes insulin resistance diabetes.

Diabetic neuropathy is due to lack of blood flow. Excessive stress elevates cortisol & catecholamines causing increased blood glucose levels & decreased insulin sensitivity.

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