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Chronic Pain 3 Common Culprits Eileen Kopsaftis

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Eclectically trained physical therapist & nutrition educator Eileen Kopsaftis, empowers others on how to resolve pain using effective strategies they can perform at home.

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Hi Iā€™m Amy. My husband Rick & I adopted a Whole Plant lifestyle in 2012. We have had fantastic health results. Together, we’ve lost over 130 pounds! We offer private, lifestyle coaching and Zoom cooking lessons. We love to share our knowledge of this lifestyle and hope to spread the word and help others to Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!šŸŒ±

Eileen Kopsaftis is the founder of Have Lifelong Wellbeing. She is an eclectically trained physical therapist, nutrition educator, and best-selling author of the book, Pain Culprits! Her specialties include teaching informed healthcare decision making and empowering others how to resolve pain using effective strategies they can perform at home. Eileen uses her extensive post-graduate education of nearly 1,800 hours of manual and movement techniques and nutrition education combined in a four-prong approach to resolve the root causes of pain and dysfunction. Eileen speaks nationally, publishes articles, and teaches movement and pain education classes at Hudson Valley Community College. She is a monthly guest on Chef AJ LIVE and has been featured on Full Measure with Sharyl Atkisson, the 2020 Mindful Injury Recovery World Summit, and 55+ Living Publication.

Link access to content and teaching provided by Eileen: Have Lifelong Wellbeing monthly newsletter: topic on pain/movement/health, a recipe and a tip of the month YouTube channel: 10ā€“15-minute movement education videos and 3ā€“4-minute value videos Pain Culprits!: resource website for book Move Without Pain Private Club FREE membership

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