Plant Based Diet Weight Loss Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine, M.D.

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Plateau? Cravings? Dr. Fontaine has answers! Measuring and weighing your food is not the answer. Going to the gym can be health promoting but exercise alone may not burn off stubborn body fat.

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Elisabeth Fontaine MD, is double board certified in OB/GYN and Lifestyle Medicine. Dr. Fontaine is available for consultations at https://PlantBasedTelehealth.com Dr. Fontaine is passionate about using a whole food, plant-based diet and other lifestyle medicine modalities to help people get healthier, get off of medications, and live longer, fuller lives.

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Hi I’m Amy. My husband Rick & I adopted a Whole Plant lifestyle in 2012. We have had fantastic health results. Together, we’ve lost over 130 pounds! We offer private, lifestyle coaching and Zoom cooking lessons. We love to share our knowledge of this lifestyle and hope to spread the word and help others to Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!🌱

4 thoughts on “Plant Based Diet Weight Loss Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine, M.D.”

  1. Amy, I am so enjoying your broadcasts, both live, when possible for me, and the replays, for which I’m so grateful. I also adore your interviews with Dr. Fontaine! So much actionable steps and advice are offered. Thank you for your generosity. I hope it’s ok for me to make a small suggestion. I am wondering if a calendar link could be provided to these special reminders. I use them when offered by other influencers; they help by syncing Google calendars on different devices making it more possible for one with an erratic schedule to attend live. If not, certainly not a complaint. Be well, be strong, be GREEN! Happy New Year! Namaste.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion. I have now included the eventbrite link. There is so much work to be done to create and produce these broadcasts. Thank you for your comments and kind words along the way. Be Strong, Be Well and Be Green!🌱

      1. Thank you, Amy. I so hope my suggestion did not come across as pressure. I have an understanding at how daunting the work is for podcasters and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thank you, again, for all you, Rick, and your staff do to turn out such quality material. Namaste.

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