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Newbies – Not Feeling So Well

If you are new to this lifestyle, you may be experiencing things like headaches, upset stomachs, loss of appetite, etc.

These symptoms are probably detoxification and / or your body (microbiome) getting used to the added fiber.

If this persists, keep a food diary in case you have any unknown food allergies / aversions.

Five years ago, when my family began this lifestyle, hubby thought he was coming down with the flu! He had no fever, but felt awful. Fortunately, he did not get discouraged. We now know that it was probably detoxing.

For some, the worse you ate before the change, the worse your detox can feel.

If your appetite is poor, don’t force yourself to eat.

Be sure to stay hydrated with water.

To learn more about with headaches from coffee withdrawal, read Conquer Cravings: Coffee.

If you are on any prescription medications, you could be over medicated in just a matter of days. Monitor your blood pressure, glucose etc. Work closely with your physician as you will most likely need to have your doses reduced  and perhaps, eventually eliminated. Don’t reduce your medications without supervision of your physician. Of course, it is best to have a physician who is on board with your new lifestyle choice.

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Are / have you experienced detoxification symptoms?

If so, what are / were they and how do / did you deal with them?


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