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Getting Motivated With The 6 D’s

Get Motivated With the Six D’s

Please tell me what motivates you in the comment section below.

I recently read an article about a 90 year old nun who amongst other awesome things, was a triathlete.

She said she lived her life by the “Six D’s”. It was such a simple, yet meaningful mantra. I felt that it applied to so many aspects of our lives, including adopting and living a healthy lifestyle.

First of all you have to dream it.

Dream what it is you want to do, so then you can then desire it.

and once you desire it, you start putting in the discipline.

and with the discipline comes the dedication,

and with the dedication comes the determination,

and with the determination comes the daring to do it.

I hope this gave you something to think about and share with others who may find it useful.

Please tell me what motivates you in the comment section below.

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