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Mentoring Leaders of Meetups & Pods

Meetup Group Shot March 2018My husband Rick and I formed a Whole Food, Plant Based group in May 2016. We are now leaders of two groups in different locations, meeting a total of three times a month.

We mostly have demonstrations and Plant Luck dinners. Occasionally, we will meet at a local restaurant after carefully planning with the owner to serve a compliant menu to our group. Find a Restaurant – Eat Vegan, No Oil Food

We began these groups via the Meetup application Meet Others: Socialize with like minded people so you don’t lose your mind. We added our group to the PlantPure Communities Pod network when it began in late 2017 Meet Like Minded People: The Free, Pod Program.

As Pod leaders in the PlantPure Communities network, we volunteered to be mentors of new Pod leaders. When we establish initial connections with these mentees, we give them access to this blog and our BeGreenWithAmyYouTube so that they can have access to helpful information.

Recently, one of our mentees, Ptery, emailed to say that she tried the Cheese Sauce Recipe. She was so happy about how it turned out that she shared her photo.

Cheese Sauce over couscous

The joy of finding good health in a happy body is wonderful. It is even more rewarding and wonderful when loved ones and friends find their way to good health. Be Green With Amy and Family

Now, as group leaders and mentors, Rick and I celebrate each time we positively influence another person’s life.

I hope this blog gives you joy, hope, inspiration and information.

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