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Tips on Eating Out

Restaurant Waiter & Customers

“Review the menu for entrées and side dishes to identify those from which animal-based meat, cheese, dairy, and eggs might easily be removed.”

This is what Plant Pure Communities recommends. They have launched a Restaurant Campaign to help us navigate the menu.

Here is what they recommend:

“Items to look for:

Baked potato or sweet potato, brown rice, steamed vegetables, salads, veg soups, and plant-based protein options, such as tofu.

Create a meal out of appetizers and side dishes.

Ask for sauces to add flavor: balsamic vinegar, tahini, lemon and lime juice, miso, soy sauce (low sodium) and marinara (check that marinara is made without cheese).”

Many restaurants add oil (even to steamed vegetables!), sugar and salt to their food. Ask the manager to be sure.

I would also add Indian restaurants use Ghee (clarified butter) in some of their recipes. They don’t all know the difference between vegetarian and vegan. Call ahead and/or check out online menu. Confirm with server that there is no ghee, yogurt, milk or cheese.

Which chain restaurants do you frequent and what do you order?

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