Psst…Your Kids Are Watching


Psst…Your Kids Are Watching

Lately, I have read comments on the web from parents / grandparents who have changed their diet in order to lose weight and/or obtain better health.

Someone recently posted a picture of their sad faced, preschool daughter holding a bag of Cheese Puffs. The mother commented that her daughter was sad because her dieting Mommy would not eat the one her daughter offered.

Some parents / grandparents are abstaining from certain foods but still have them in the home, available to the children.


What message are we giving our young? Are we saying that we believe that Cheese Puffs and the like are alright for them to eat, but not for us?

Wouldn’t we be doing these young ones a better service if we did not make certain offending food items available in the home?

Sure, cigarette smokers don’t like when you take their cigarettes away. Many of us have never smoked or have quit, but should that be a reason to buy cigarettes and keep them in the home for our young ones?

The kids are watching and learning from what we do and what we do and don’t do for them. They look to us for guidance and feel loved when we do things for them that show we care about their welfare.

If we bring foods in the home that we are choosing not to eat, aren’t we setting them up to have the same problems with these foods that we are struggling with now? How can we teach them discretion if we don’t model this behavior?

Wouldn’t it be easier for these children in the long run if we eliminate the unhealthy foods and share the delicious alternatives we are choosing for ourselves?

Do you interact with children while navigating this lifestyle? What are your obstacles? What are your strategies?

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