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WFPB Magazine…FREE 1 year subscription!

For a limited time, you can get a FREE, 1 year subscription to this WFPB magazine.

See below for details.


Lot’s of great recipes and informative articles. You get the magazine delivered in the mail to you. Plus you get free access to their archives on the website with 100% Plant-based recipes, advice, tips, and evidence-based education.

Just click on this link: New, Authentic, Kind, and Enlightened Magazine

On top of page to right click on “apply promo code”.


If you would like to receive more helpful news like this, please subscribe and share!

Also check out BeGreenWithAmyYouTube for awesome recipes and tips.

3 thoughts on “WFPB Magazine…FREE 1 year subscription!”

  1. Since you asked for my credit card information and only had choices to select for one year or several years. I assume it is not free. There was no place to enter the promo code.


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