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Conquer Cravings: Crunchy Things

This lifestyle can seem restrictive. Getting over certain food cravings and / or addictions can be a challenge.

It seems people miss things like cheese, chocolate, crunchy things, salty things, flour things, ice cream, coffee, sugar, creamer, milk etc. Just the mention of the food item, a thought or a picture of it, can set off consuming thoughts and longing.

Crunchy Things

For some, things like celery and carrots can satisfy the crunchy food desire. There are some great recipes in the recipe page for crunchy, seasoned chickpeas and also for 4 Seed Crackers. You can also make potato chips in the microwave.

Air popped popcorn is also an option. Remember that even plain, air popped popcorn is about 1600 a pound. It is calorie dense. If you season it, you may eat even more than you intended.

One transition food is Mary’s Gone Crackers Superseed Crackers. These crackers are delicious. Of course, if weight loss is your goal, you may want to limit or not consider these crackers. You could easily binge on these crackers and gain weight (even if you are 100% compliant in all other areas of your eating!). (*Note: Other products by Mary’s Gone Crackers may be higher in salt and fat).

Here is how to deal with salty things.

Here is how to deal with flour things

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2 thoughts on “Conquer Cravings: Crunchy Things”

  1. I committed to a pretty strict eating plan for a year. (I dubbed it my “year of healing.”) At the end of the year, I thought I was done with food cravings. But, as I allowed small amounts sugary, salty, oily, creamy restaurant foods back in my diet, the cravings gradually returned. When I was addicted to salt, I used to laugh when people said they ate carrots when they wanted something crunchy. But that’s exactly what I want now! I also do adore roasted crunchy, seasoned chickpeas that you suggested. Angela Liddon’s Cream of Tomato Soup with Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons is worth the price of the Oh She Glows Cookbook.


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