Raw Butternut Squash Pudding / Pumpkin Pie Filling Recipe

Makes 24 ounces or four 6-ounce servings:

2 Cups peeled fresh butternut squash
6 Medjool dates or ¾ cup of other type of dates
⅓ Cup soaked raw almonds (best if soaked for at least 8 hours prior to making recipe)
½ Cup good quality water (more may be necessary)
1 Tsp. ground cinnamon
½ Tsp. chopped fresh ginger
¼ Tsp. ground nutmeg
This recipe can also be used as filling for a raw pie, or one can substitute 2 cups of chopped pumpkin for the butternut squash if desired. Just remember to use pie pumpkin, which can be more flavorful than the Jack-o-lantern type.

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