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Stalled Weight Loss? Not Losing Enough? Plateau?


Whether your scale just moved up a few pounds, not down enough or you are complaining about a weight loss plateau, consider this:

When you step on the scale, are you sure you are not wearing shoes or a heavy coat?

The answer seems obvious. Of course, if you are hoping to see weight loss, you would remove any item of clothing which you felt would add pounds to the scale.

Are you just as diligent about what you eat?

We sometimes kid ourselves into thinking that this “little bit” won’t hurt. If that was the case, we would be at our weight loss goal!

Have you completely eliminated oil from your lifestyle? Eat at a restaurant, and even your healthy menu choice probably contains an extra 400 calories (of oil).

That handful of unsalted nuts you snacked on has about 250 calories.

That bowl of air popped popcorn is 1800 of dissolving calories a pound.

Some prescription medications can cause weight gain or stalling of weight loss.

Stay 100% compliant. Keep a journal of your glucose and blood pressure readings (where applicable). Share with your physician to wean off medications.

Remember, it is not just about the pounds. Take in the fact that you have stuck with this lifestyle! So far, you have lost weight, proving that your efforts were worthwhile. Keep in mind you will stall or even go up at times but don’t give up, just stay with this and if you do as directed, it will work.

Keep a food diary for a week and share it with me.

Here are some awesome weight loss hacks from Dr. Michael Greger.

Each video is only about 2 minutes long.

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  1. I was jut going to post on plateaus! I like that you point out that, as frustrating as it is, we should be grateful for the weight we’ve lost (especially if we’ve reached a healthy weight). And that’s so true about the oil when we eat out. Even Chipotle puts a little oil in their brown rice.

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