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Who is Your Best Friend?

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Most people would answer with a name of a relative or friend. Many of us are fortunate to have at least one person around us who cares about us and for whom we can depend upon for support.

My definition of a best friend is one who is there for you whenever you call upon them; a person who will give you their honest opinion (even when you don’t ask for one), wants you to be happy, to do well and yes, someone who is there for your 24/7 and  would even risk their life to save you! Wait, who do you know that would fit this description? Well guess what, you do know someone exactly like this. It is someone you have known all of your life, you!

If you think about it, you are your best friend. You are the only one in the world who can make your life better. You are available 24/7. You can even get inside of your own head and monitor your every thought and decision.

So, now that you know you have been living with your best friend for your entire life, what changes can you make to improve this friendship?

Self talk – Think about the things you, your best friend, says to you through out the day. If any negative self talk comes about, try to correct each occurrence with a positive thought.

Influence – You have great influence over the things you do to yourself each day. As your best friend, try to help yourself make the better decisions about things like what you eat and how much exercise you get.

So work at being a better, best friend to yourself. After all, you make an effort with your other friendships. You may even have friends with whom you get frustrated because they are making poor decisions.

The friendship with yourself is the most important friendship, because a better you is a better example for, and a better friend to others.

What are some ways you can be a better, best friend to yourself?

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