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Tip: Easily cut about 400 calories per day


Don’t eat food cooked with oil.

All oil, even olive oil and coconut oil are about 150 calories per tablespoon.

Eat food sautéed in oil and you could be consuming 400 extra, tasteless calories.

Instead of oil, sauté in vegetable broth, citrus juice or water.

You won’t miss the “taste”. Sorry, but if you are eating in a restaurant, your food most likely has been prepared with oil and / or prepped with things like Italian Dressing which is made with oil.

Isolated plant oils are a cheap, unhealthy version of real food. Don’t buy the propaganda about olive oil, coconut oil or any oil. According to Dr. Fuhrman, “when fats are ingested in the form of extracted oils, they are rapidly and efficiently absorbed by the body and immediately converted into body fat. If these fats were instead ingested from whole foods, such as seeds, nuts and avocado, their absorption would be much slower, over hours, not minutes and these fats would be mostly burned for our energy needs and not stored.Olive oil is not a whole food—it is a fattening, low-nutrient, processed food, consisting of 100% fat. Unrefined plant foods, rather than olive oil, provided the bulk of the omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals and minerals ”

Hiding In Your Food: Oils and Fats

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