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Seed Sprout Suprise

My husband Rick and I were invited to a vegan holiday party and instructed to bring a few inexpensive gifts for a mystery game.

I thought I’d spread some cheer by gifting some seed sprouting kits!

No green thumb needed, simply add water and rinse twice daily.


The benefits of eating these freshly sprouted seeds are incredible, and each kit took about two minutes to make! I took a video (all in one take!) to show you how fast and easy assembly of these kits can be.

Click here to watch Amy assemble a Seed Sprout Surprise!

Step By Step Slideshow

Click on a Photo to View

Seed Sprout Surprises are fast, inexpensive gifts that pack some serious nutritional punch! And they’re great all year round! Post a picture of yours in the comments and let me know which seeds you chose to include.


Be Strong, Be Well, and Be Green!

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